It’s a 19 hectare (49 acres) enclosed domain (Clos) perched on the high-altitude terroirs of the Cahors appellation. The vines are nestled in the heart of a woodland setting, a point of harmony between the Lot Valley and the limestone plateau (Causses) of Quercy Blanc.

In this unique location, where the energies of the Valley and the Causse, where the astral and the terrestrial mingle, the complexity of the elements nourish the vines of Clos Troteligotte, they benefit from the caring hand of the person who cultivates them.

In respect for this nature, Emmanuel Rybinski practices biodynamic agriculture.

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The red grape varieties are rooted in a Kimmeridgian and Siderolithic clay-limestone terroirs, rich in iron from the limestone plateau de Cahors, whilst the white grape varieties are on a Quercy Blanc clay-limestone terroir known as ‘Stampien’.

The interaction between man and nature continues in the winery where the vinification is carried out in a natural manner and without sulphite.

Lively wines, elaborated at Clos Troteligotte, express the bond between mineral and vegetal, the fruit and the complexity, the culture of the land and that of the spirit.

Our range consists of around ten cuvées, in AOC Cahors but also in Vin de France. We invite you to come and taste our entire range in our large winemaker's loft.


The quality of the wine depends above all on the work in the vineyards. The cultivation of the vines, present on our farm for several generations, has always been essential in the elaboration of our wines. The balance between the vine and the soil, where it puts down its roots, allows us to harvest a grape expressing the best of the grape variety and of the soil.

Respect for the land is a priority. We have practised rustic agriculture since the creation of Clos Troteligotte in 1987. Over the years, we have learnt to know our grape varieties, our terroir and the climate that surrounds them. We were certified in Organic Agriculture in 2014 and in Biodynamic Agriculture in 2017.

Since 2004, we have made a micro-plot selection within the Clos. In accordance with the rich iron content of our soil, we have created a range that represents a variation of the Malbec grape variety on this unique terroir of the Cahors appellation.

Finally, we promote biodiversity on a daily basis by reintroducing, for example, beehives in our vineyards, and by developping agroforestry and eco-grazing. At last we preserve our 15 hectares (75 acres) of woodland and meadows which surround our clos.



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