Nous mettons à disposition notre chai de 200 mètres carrés pour les entreprises et les associations qui veulent organiser des séminaires, conférences, stages, réunions de travail, team building, réceptions client ou partenaire… Tout est possible ! Notre nouveau gîte (grande capacité) vous permet même d’allonger votre séjour en dormant sur place.

The capacity of our reception hall (the K-Where) is 60 people standing, and 40 people seated. To accommodate more people, please contact us upstream.

The cellar is equipped with a video projector, paper boards, a wifi connection, and multiple sockets. A cloakroom has been fitted out. On-site technical assistance is provided throughout the event.

Greeting in English is a possibility. We are committed to responding to any request for information or quote within 48 hours. Parking for buses, coaches and private vehicles is available. The establishment complies with ERP standards.

Pregnant women, people with temporary or permanent reduced mobility, contact us in advance to organize your visit under the best conditions.

The prices of our services can be found on the "Wine Tourism Prices" page.

To book, call 06 74 81 91 26 or by email :

Une dégustation de nos vins peut être proposée au cours de votre évènement. Une restauration sur place est aussi possible.
Vous pouvez apporter votre propre pique-nique, cuisiner sur place (matériel à disposition), ou alors notre équipe s’occupe de tout selon vos moyens et vos envies. Évidemment, les vins du Clos Troteligotte pourront accompagner votre repas !

And before you leave, don't forget to pack some souvenirs. If you want to offer K-DO from our range of wines, we can compose boxes or produce K-DO cards (on prior request). The boxes are also intended for works councils for their end-of-year gifts.

To see more clearly, I close my eyes
to get up, I go to bed
to arrive faster, I slow down
to exchange, I give
to speak, I am silent
to learn, I practice
to move forward, I stop
to build, I destroy
to know, I forget
to hold on, I release

Thomas Vinau, Alma éditeur


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